If you would like to donate supplies to MedCamps, please see Wish List below. 


Archery Arrows

Pinewood Derby Car Kits-roughly 30 packages

Friendship Bracelet Beads and String

Costumes (for skits and other stuff)

Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Academy)

Current Karaoke CD’s

Duct tape

Paper towels

Toilet paper

Cleaning supplies

First aid kits

Light bulbs

Mosquito spray

Wasp and hornet spray

55 gallon trash bags

Sharpie Markers

Latex Free Gloves

Batteries (A, AA, AAA)


Lysol cleaning wipes

Baby Wipes

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

Foam Brushes

Give the gift of camp by pledging to our “Adopt-A-Camper” program!!

Tier 1 level Adopt-a-Camper: $250

Tier 2 level Adopt-a-Camper: $500

Full Camper Scholarship: $1000

For more information, call our office at 318-329-8405 or toll free at 877-282-0802!

The Big Shoot at Los Paloma

Tour of Piney Hills

Auction and Funshoot

Battle of the Badges

5/55 Challenge

For information on any of our fundraisers please contact Caleb Seney at caleb@medcamps.org.

If you are looking for additional ways to support MedCamps of Louisiana, there are several sponsorship opportunities listed below. Call our office at 329-8405 for more details!!

“Adopt-A-Camper”–Sponsor a portion of a camper’s camp experience or sponsor an entire camper scholarship

Group Sponsorships: For large groups wanting to get connected at MedCamps, meal sponsorships are a great way to do so!! The following meal sponsorships are available for large groups:

Sunday Night: “Chicken Mania” – Catered- Sponsors/ Volunteers serve.

Monday Night: “Italian” PLUS “Sundaes on Mondays” – Catered –Sponsors/Volunteers serve.

Tuesday Night: “Fish Fry” – Sponsors/Volunteers will cook and serve

Wednesday Night: “Pizza Pie Night”- Catered – Sponsors/Volunteers serve.

Thursday Night: “Grilling and Chillin” -Sponsors/Volunteers cook and serve.

Each Sponsorship is $300. You can sponsor the food and MedCamps will sponsor the fun!

Please email kacie@medcamps.org for all inquiries!

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